In the fall, I made a friend with a new grad student. She and I come from the same background culturally, first-born American Muslims. She’s 4 years older than me. After we talked for a couple of weeks, she asked me to teach her video editing, Photoshop, how to make GIFs, organize her digital life, etc. We spent a lot of time doing that and we also would go to a weekly music jam session together. She expressed to me several times she had “plenty of crazy ideas but I want you to help me bring them to life.”

Fast forward a few months to now. She’s kinda disappeared. I’ve seen her once since December and she was telling me about all these great ideas she has but does not have time to make them. I told her let’s meet up sometime soon to discuss ideas for collaboration, even invited her to my parent’s house and my mom offered to cook a nice meal. She said she’d love to... except now she never responds to emails or texts or anything. I talked to a classmate about this and he said “Well, knowing her... she’s all talk.”

I don’t really feel that bad about it, but I have been thinking about the people I met in grad school a lot lately and she was at one point someone I talked to on a daily basis. People come and go...

But if she ever does initiate some conversation with me in the future, I will not be as open to her as I was in the past. Her loss. Reciprocity goes a long way.