We could have had a Clio 172, but instead let’s have a Bombardier Class 172.

It’s a DMU which train people will know to be a diesel multiple unit, a train with engines under the floor and no separate loco. Loco hauled coaches are very much on the way out for passenger use for several reasons, one being that multiple units are bidirectional without having to have an expensive loco at each end or having to shunt one loco from end to end.

It’s other claim to fame is conventional ZF automatic gearboxes rather than the more usual Voith ones so you get to hear a train changing gear five times as it accelerates.

Why isn’t it diesel electric like the locos they use in America? Because that’s less efficient, that’s why. Rotation to electricity back to rotation isn’t a good thing.


You want to hear it changing gear, don’t you?

Of course you do.