I’ve been asked what advice I have for people who have bought a new car. Not buying advice but owning advice. So, I put together a quick list of things to remember as a new car owner.

Meanwhile, I’ve had the domain name lehtoslaw.com for 19 years now. Yesterday, I got the first complaint about how I have my email address/contact info hidden.

See if you can find my email in there - kind of like Where’s Waldo.

Apparently, I am a “loser” for having my website configured in such a way that it confuses one visitor every 19 years. (Apparently, users of iPads cannot just click on that email address and have things happen for them as easily as users of other browsers.)


Can’t please everyone. (By the way, my email is Lehto@kennon.com.It’s in the pic, in blue.)

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Steve Lehto has been practicing law for 23 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law. He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation.


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