Thinking about getting into auto racing photography.

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Since I’ll be moving to baton rouge this fall I’ll only be living an hour away from the NOLA Motor Speedway. As such I’m thinking about buying a Nikon 300mm ED IF AI-s with a tripod and try my hand at auto racing photography. Does anyone here have any experience shooting races and if so, what advice would you give. Also a ton of camera nerd stuff about the lens after the jump!


(Camera Nerd Stuff Below!!!!!)

It’s a manual lens, however from what I understand most people use their lenses in manual mode and just pre-focus on a corner and waiting for the car to come. I’d be using it with my a7 and would probobly buy a 1.5x extender. Since the A7 can be used in crop mode and if I used the extender I could turn it into a 600mm f8 (though letting in the same amount of light as a f5.6) and a resolution of 12mp, more than enough if you don’t crop. I’d also probobly use it this winter when I go duck hunting with some friends. So I think it would be a decent investment at $400.

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