No more Porsche-like rear end! YAY!!!

Let’s have a toast!

Just imagine BMW’s legendary inline-six or an ex-F1 V10 in there.


I’m getting a 3.0 CSL or 2002 vibe here... with a mix of classic Mustang at the back.

That front overhang...



Now if only they resize the headlights to be like the kidneys, but reversed, like when you cut a rectangle diagonally. And they’re circles inside.


You know what? Keep this body, though pump the fenders a bit. I want this to be the Mi8, with a naturally-aspirated inline-six (from the 1M or the M2), V8 or V10 being helped by a meatier version of the electric system, a quick yet swank manual as standard (dual-clutch paddles will be an option) and, please BMW, a bigger fuel tank and, most importantly, no electronic steering interference (an E-diff would be neat, though). Remember when Clarkson said: “To save the world, drive fast” in his review of the i8? Well, it’s time BMW save the world some more. I’m guessing 700+ hp, same number of torques and 210 mph tops, with a 0-60 in 2.7 seconds.

Hell, if the M division smokes enough dope, they can make the M8. 5er underpinnings like the i8, V12, chance for a separate hybrid version.