While working at the nameless chicken restaurant that I work at, something quite interesting happened...

So there I was, minding my own business, cleaning a table, wishing I was elsewhere, and a Nissan Altima rushes into the parking lot, at roughly 12:15 PM with five Apex Police Department police cars in pursuit. The Altima pulls into a parking space, and a deputy jumps out of his Dodge Charger, and slowly approaches the Altima, gun in hand.


At this time, the entire restaurant has gone quiet, and the patrons are viewing the spectacle that is currently happening the parking lot.

So the deputy yells at the driver to unlock the door, and put their hands in the air. He agrees, and the deputy opens the door, the four other deputy’s rush in, and help the first deputy to push the criminal to the ground and cuff him.

From inside the restaurant, it does not seem as if he is resisting in any way. On the flip side, the police cars block the entry to our drive-thru line and half of our parking lot, for about 15 minutes.

An Apex PD Chevrolet Tahoe carts the criminal away, and two Apex PD Crown Victoria’s park alongside the Altima for about two hours after the event happens, and when I left at 6:30 PM (we closed at 6:00, because of the holiday), the Altima sat alone in the parking lot.


But I have done some sleuthing (I just visited this glorious website, where I often see photos of my arrested classmates), and have found out that the perp is a was charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Why he wanted to steal an early 2000’s Nissan Altima that appeared to be in poor shape is beyond me, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.

Well in a way, it makes sense, because it would be smarter (because it is an obvious idea to steal a car) to steal car that blends in.


Do any of you guys and gals have good stories about Nissan Altima’s or funny/interesting arrests, that you have seen?