A 2015 Corolla.


  1. The interior is better than expected!*
  2. It took me all of 20 seconds to pair my phone
  3. Trip computer said I got 33.6mpg at 80mph on the way to work today


  1. * ... except for the seats. They are bolsterless pancakes and not very comfy.
  2. The car is really kinda squirrely going down the road. It does not feel nearly as “settled” at speed as I’m used to in my Fusion.
  3. OH GOD THAT CVT ... what a turrible, turrible experience it is. It feels like a very old, failing transmission. That sound ... it is the most distracting thing I’ve ever experienced in a new car. Total. Deal-breaker.

Verdict: I need my 5 year old Ford back.

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