Ok , this is a just a concept idea I had while reading the FP post about 1/4 of accidents being caused by distracted driving, and I was wondering if my idea could actually work.

If struck by lighting, a car acts as a faraday cage, directing the electricity around the occupant(s). I know a faraday cage operates off the principle that metal “strips” have to form a gap smaller then the wavelength of a signal, and blocks signals. However, if the system isn’t fully enclosed, or the gaps in the conductive materials are larger then the wavelengths, the signals pass through into the cage. And that’s why phones work in cars (because of the giant breaches called windows).

My idea is, metal strips (no thicker then a human hair; if not smaller) form a transparent cross hatch across all the windows with the same distance between them as the wavelengths of phone signals. Or in smaller words that make more sense to me, make the windows of cars like microwave doors (except more transparent, so it’s invisible) to block phone signal from to entering the car.

Also, while this isn’t apart of the concept, but saying this would work, I would have it said up so the driver/occupants plug there phone into a USB port, which would disable the phone.

In turn, the infotainment system (whose antenna would be housed outside the faraday cage), would have the navigation, & radio system available, and unlock the windows to be allowed to roll down (if the phone is disconnected, the windows rolls up).


To allow the occupants to use their phones, they would plug their phones into their own seperate USB ports (which would be located in areas far away from the driver, would be connected to weight and heat sensors within the seats to prevent the driver from plugging their phone into it, and would require a phone to be plugged into the driver USB port as well to allow the car to turn on). These USB ports would be connected to an antenna outside of the car and would allow occupants to have full access to their phones.

And while I realize that messing with the navigation/radio is still distracted driving, people have been looking at maps since the Model T and messing with the radios since the 1950s.

On top of all that, an additional hidden sensor within the cabin will... Look for (?) phone signals, entering the system and alert the driver/manufacture to prevent people from getting crafty and drilling holes, or making gaps in the cage basically.


I know this isn’t a perfect system, but couldn’t this actually work?