After almost 5 years of funless torture(seems longer for various reasons), I feel like I belong here again.

I had a decent X-Type and a Mitsu Starion back then. Finances and family got in the way and had to lose both of them for... A Saturn L200. That was a rolling turd that eventually gave up on me and I needed something quick, so I got... a 200K/mi PT Cruiser. Things got better and we were able to get an ‘08 Malibu, so at least it was something new-ish.

But yesterday I was able to get something I’ve wanted for a long time - a 2015 Mini Cooper S w/ a stick(also, why the eff was it so hard to find a Cooper S in a manual? I mean, what’s the point!?)

I’m certain I look like a complete idiot with my stupid grin on my face now that I get to enjoy driving again. That, and this little MF is QUICK. I let her have it getting onto the 15 and I chirped the tires in third! It’s got a really neat rev-matching deal that keeps me from shredding the clutch on downshifts and makes everything surprisingly smooth. It handles great, fits my 6’ 215lb ass just fine, and it’s the same color as my daughter’s booster seat(gotta coordinate). Ride is what I thought it’d be. I got the base model because I don’t need any techno-nav heated headsup displays. In its optionless form, it’s got way more stuff than my last 3 cars combined anyway so it feels loaded to me.


I couldn’t be happier. I feel whole again. Can’t wait to get off of work and drive this thing again.