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Antistance: Join The Movement

EDIT - You can now find this on Facebook under Antistance.

So, last week, whilst I was pondering how much of the automotive community despises stancing, I had some kind of a realisation. If extreme negative camber angers people - will extreme positive camber unite us all?


I therefore decided to create a ridiculous cult to showcase my idea.

I present to you all, people of Oppo, Antistance:

Illustration for article titled Antistance: Join The Movement

See, it even has its own novel logo and all.

Let’s start with the name - I’m not having a go at stanced cars. This is just the exact opposite of stancing. What exactly is it? Well, we want thin tyres, cyclecar wheels, wheelgap, no suspension, and massive positive camber. This harks back to a period in motorsport where cars were simple, solid and on the edge - there’s absolutely no reason to take a comfortable, usable road worthy car and remove all of its practicality. But we will anyway.


I showcased this elsewhere earlier in the week, and I received no useful feedback. Fear not, as technically none is needed - I only require the support of many lunatics.

If any of you do wish to join this cult, membership is absolutely free, and it comes with absolutely no known benefits, barring the satisfying gentlemanly pride of uniting the automotive world. Using period-correct equipment, as long as it’s not rare and/or usable on any racing vehicles, is encouraged, as too are Edwardian manufacturing techniques.


So, there lies my idea. Feel free to hurl all your abuse towards it/me, a beacon of hatred it shall remain!

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