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The Aerodynamic Efficiency Of A Cow

There’s nothing quite like placing random objects through some computational fluid dynamics software.

Illustration for article titled The Aerodynamic Efficiency Of A Cow

As we can see, the forehead of the cow experiences a zone of high pressure, since a lot of the air is deflected from the front of the nose and straight to the head. The forehead also sits in a very open position with nothing to deflect airflow from above, meaning it gets quite a lot of flow directed towards it - the manner in which the flow leaves the head is also slightly messy (not helped by the irregularity of its ears).

There are some interesting zones of low pressure, most notably around its underside - there is an opportunity for some ground effects there, especially around the back of the shank and the first cuts of the plate. The udder area doesn’t appear to be raked enough to form a real diffuser, but it could by useful nevertheless.


Photo credit to MarkHughes on imgur.

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