I fully expect terrible photographs of cars on Craigslist posts - ones that look like they have been taken by Stevie Wonder using a potato. Or ones which appear to be part of an art project which considers man’s infringement upon nature, wherein the existence of a blurry shadowy shape that somewhat resembles a motor vehicle is caught in the periphery of what is clearly a photograph of a squirrel.

But if you are an automotive dealer, i.e. you own a large business solely dedicated to the purchase and sale of motor vehicles, and you are attempting to market your wares through the internet, there is no excuse for poor photographs. At the very very VERY minimum, you need to post one clear exterior shot (preferably 45 degree shot of front and side), and one clear interior shot (preferably driver’s seat position showing instruments, dash).

On the other hand, you could just say “F it!” and post a picture of someone’s crotch, a blurry pic of the odometer, and some sideways blurry shot of a passenger seat partially obscured by a finger. Take my money now!

Have there ever been worse dealer pictures than these? The crotch shot in these pics was a first for me.