Hello everyone, and welcome to Letters to Marvin, your weekly Oppo column wherein someone submits a letter to Douglas DeMuro, and then Marvin responds with helpful, reasonable advice that makes the world a better place.

Today’s question to Douglas was quite ambiguous; whatever happened to the conversion van.


The idea behind the conversion van was to take a delivery van and make it a saloon with a ladder at the back, next to a spare wheel hidden behind a ford/chevy/GMC/doge cover. The interior featured generous carpeting, rotating seats and a minibar.

Conversion vans went out of fashion after too many pedophiles, rapists and other creepy dudes became fond of them. They then disappeared for a while until the Germans revived them.


Oh Yes, the Germans really took the conversion van to the next level. They took a minvan, installed a supercar engine in it and installed enough luxury shit in the cabin to make an Ethihad A-380 first class cabin to crash out of shame.


Vertical side windows ? Eff that, the Germans will give you a Panoramic roof as large as the Toronto Skydome, complemented with LCD screens everywhere, massaging seats and climate control.


So, back to today’s letter to Douglas.

Whathever really happened to the conversion van ?

Well, it became an R63 AMG.

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