So I was just on the phone with my car insurance company, getting them to explain just why they decided to raise my monthly payment by $40 (apparently I’m crash prone; one rear end crash and two acts of God weather accidents lists me as a liability), when they said something curious, “insurances with no fault charge you more for that service”. How true is that?

Edit: my apologies, it seems that I’m mixing up no fault with accident forgiveness, at least in my head. The way the agent said it made it sound like I dont have no fault insurance, which is why I got confused.

Update: I called again, and they kept throwing information at me. I have no idea why they mentioned the weather accidents at all, because they said it isn’t affecting my policy. It’s only the rear-end accident that raised the premium. And the person I hit did make a claim.

Also, one agent said there was an issue with my accident in Dec ‘13, and it was being currently reviewed. I asked ‘when did they start reviewing it’ since I haven’t called them at all about it. He then said it was actually closed and wasn’t currently being reviewed, and opened sometime in ‘14. Confused, I asked for clarification if it was being reviewed or not, which he changed the subject by asking “so what do you want out of this call?”. -_-.