I don’t normally touch subjects like this but, I feel like I need to vent.

The above pictured weapons were used in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. One thing that keeps being stated by less competent or unscrupulous publications are how these were legally obtained. As many of you know, San Bernardino is located in California. Ever since the late 90s, California took it upon themselves to make the 1993 Assault Weapons Ban a permanent law as opposed to most of the nation which sunsetted in 2004. This basically refers to features and the number of them present on a firearm, not necessarily the actual function of the the gun. also went above and beyond to ban weapons that have a “militaristic” purposes by name.

This brings me back to the above weapons. None of them are legal for sale in California. The ARs have multiple features present that preclude them for sale and the 1911s while having a general capacity of less than 10 rounds are considered military weapons. This means they weren’t legally obtained in the state, and as such felonies were committed on their import. This trend is usually seen on other atrocities.

Why aren’t we focusing on the crime of the murder instead of the minutiae of the possession.


EDIT: apparently the ATF agrees. However, the guns were conforming originally before being modified. One AR was modified to select fire, which is a massive violation of the NFA.