well, gentlemen, and ladies (i know there’s a few of you out there),

the day has finally come that i can no longer keep this beauty on the road and maintain my sanity. She is leaking everything... or nearly everything that can leak... oil, atf, ps fluid (this one may have resolved itself), exhaust, electrons when parked, coolant, air out of the front left tire.

but, she runs and drives. as they say: when it’s running well, nothing drives like a jaguar.

i just drove 100 miles in her this morning, from PA to NYC. and other than the fact that i had to put $25 of coolant and $3 of ATF in it before setting off to ensure i made it safely, she ran smooth and cool the entire way. i sometimes forget to explore the higher end of the tach, because if i’m in 2nd gear, i’ll quickly be in triple digits.


but she performed terrifically this morning, which is why it is with a sad heart that i must say she will be bed-ridden for likely the next 3-4 months. it’s not that any of the work is particularly difficult (although there are indeed difficult jobs on this car). it is more that it is just tedious and time-intensive: there are 12 cylinders in there to attend to. with likely less than one day/week to work on this, i doubt she’ll be road ready again, in my hands, until next spring. and the 30-40 hours of labor required if i were to bring it to a shop does not seem reasonable for a car that, when sorted, might fetch $6k.

farewell, your highness.

ps: any of you opponauts with more time on their hands than me interested in a project for a month or two?