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When it rains, it fuckin pours

I bought my Infiniti a year and nearly 24,000 miles ago. Never thought I’d need to put it to rest now. Just shy of 275k on the clock. Why? Catastrophic bearing failure, front driver’s side. Basically, with little to no warning, the wheel bearing, axle, boot, abs sensor, spindle, and hub assembly all went. At the same time I was going to need to replace the tires and rear struts. And the brake pads. And the rotors.

It can all be fixed, but everything on this car is going at once, and believe me, I just don’t have the patience to fix it all just to have more go wrong in a month. To even get it anywhere to be worked on, it has to be towed. I’ve got Durangos that also need some work. It may be time to just put the car out to pasture, and part it out potentially. Time to look for something else!


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