I finally dropped the iPhone as my preferred smartphone.

I had always loved iPhones. For the first few years after their introduction, they were unstoppable. I remember my factory fresh iPhone 4. To this day, it’s my favourite phone design. I cherished it like a kid cherishes a beloved teddy bear. It was all the phone I ever needed and it looked good while doing it.

But alas, it was never meant to be.

In typical Apple fashion, new iOS updates eventually made the iPhone 4 unusable for any practical operation, forcing me to sell the 4 (terrible mistake) and update to an iPhone 5...which started my downfall with Apple.


My iPhone 5 was the most unreliable piece of tech I’ve ever owned. It never held LTE for longer than 5 minutes at a time, and whenever I went inside anything resembling a building, it lost signal completely. The camera lense collected dust ON THE INSIDE. And let’s not even talk about the battery...There’s nothing like a phone that will completely and entirely die in ten minutes in temps of 40 degrees and lower. And replacing parts didn’t help. At the end of my tenure with my iPhone 5, I had literally replaced every part but the logic board.

During my time with the iPhone 5, I also picked up a CDMA iPhone 4. I had to, I had to have my favourite iPhone back! This phone is heavily modded. Currently it’s being used as a dashcam:


At least I got a lot of cool frame mods out of the deal. I traded in the phone with a green frame.


That picture was taken with my then new iPhone 6! Here’s one of my first rear camera selfies (eh, I wasn’t a fan of that dress):


But ultimately, even the iPhone 6 began sucking. Later versions of iOS 8 and iOS 9 brought software and hardware issues galore. There’s nothing like a battery that goes from 27% to 0% without warning. Oh and cold weather? Forgettaboutit. But the thing that hit me the worst was data management. During the time with the iPhone, I lost my music library...Apple makes it nice and hard to recover your music from your phone. I ended up just semi-jailbreaking iOS 9.2.1 just to get my music off it.

Then there were things that really just bothered me. Android phones have features I love but I can’t get on any iPhone, then the customization Android has. With Apple, there isn’t much can do past modding out the hardware...but with Android (as I’ve learned with the Galaxy SIII Mini that I gave to Miss Tesla), there are no limits to what you can do!

And so, I sold the phone, and replacing it will be the first Android phone that I will ever use as a normal phone (the Galaxy was only ever used as an emergency backup, and now belongs to Miss Tesla): The Nexus 5X


Will I still buy iPhones? Of course! I’m keeping my CDMA iPhone 4, and sometime in the future, I’m going to buy another iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5. I love modding and repairing iPhones, but after the novelty wears off, an iPhone just becomes a pain in the arse for me. So now I start my new relationship, with Google and Android!