I know this is my second personal post this week, but I’m pissed so I need to share. (Alfa for your time)

My wife was having some back pain and needed to see a chiropractor. Now we moved so our old chiro, who is awesome, is an hour away. Making that appointment and managing the logistics with two kids wasn’t happening, so she needs a local person. Her mom recommended a guy that is about 10 mins away from us. Of course that guy was not available today, but his partner was.

She comes out from her appointment a bit confused and uncomfortable about the whole thing. Apparently the guy was fascinated by the fact that she “didn’t give up on life after being disabled...” We have heard that before, it’s annoying but we give people a pass. But seriously WTF is up with people assuming that people should “give up” after being disabled? What the hell does that even mean?

Then she tells me that the good doctor was confused as to how her back could hurt below her injury. She had to explain to him...(edit- a medical proffesional), that the nervous system is kind of like an electrical system and even if one line doesn’t work energy can still flow and move around the other lines. Beside the point, that question has never been asked by other chiros, because it doesn’t fucking matter...her back hurts, find away to fix it. Like everyone else does.

Once the appointment is over he drops this bomb “Can ask you a personal question?”


She says “Sure.”

“So when you have sex with your husband, do you feel it?”

Now she is relaying all this to me and I’m furious. I get this guy is older, but in all the years he has been practicing medicine has he not once encountered a disabled person? That line of questioning is totally inappropriate and not at all relevant to her treatment. She said that she felt like she was in some kind of science experiment with that appointment.


I told her next time he asks something like that to say “Does your dick work without Viagra?

Some people...