Personal shit below (M1 because BMW birthday or something)

TL:DR living with in-laws is hard.

First, let me say that I am grateful for living with family while our new house gets built. It almost makes it worth not having to pay rent...almost.

So my father in law doesn’t quite understand that a 10 month old baby can’t eat the same foods as an adult. Tonight I’m making dinner and get gets some juice in a cup then brings it out to the living room where the baby is in the high-chair. I think “Oh, no big deal he helps himself to juice all the time.”(even though it is really for our toddler, but whatever the old man can drink all the juice he wants)

Now I hear from the other room “Oh you are gonna like this.” So I turn the corner and there he is handing a cup... not a sippy cup mind you...a fucking open tumbler cup. And it is full of straight up juice...we don’t even give our toddler straight juice. It’s too much sugar for him, so we do about a 1/4 cup and water the rest.

Anyway, my daughter, as expected, gulps down the juice and spills it all over herself. I say to my father-in-law “What’s she doing with that cup?”


He says, “Oh I was just giving her some juice.”

“She can’t have juice!”

- “Oh, I didn’t know”

This is the same man that tried to give her a chocolate donut a week ago, wanted to have her taste honey (a big no-no for kids less than a year old) last month, and attempted to put a piece of spicy italian sausage on her plate (normally not the end of the world, but fatty meats with casing is not the best for a kid with no teeth).


Oh...and here is the best one. When our son was 3 days old he says “So babies can’t have clam chowder right?....Even if it is cooled down?”

So I change my daughter and put her down for a nap. About a 1/2 hour later she wakes up crying and I go into the room. Then the smell hits me...she had a huge diarrhea explosion guessed it...too much sugar! Is pop-pop gonna clean this up? Nope...he doesn’t change diapers (fine, he came from a generation of dads that didn’t do that)

The man has no concept of what children can and cannot eat. So I tell my wife he is not allowed to feed our kids unless he asks us first. She obviously doesn’t want the conflict because we live here for now...but given the history, I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.


Ok....I feel better, thanks for listening.