So my three year old has learned this bad habit of saying “Jesus Christ!” He learned it guessed it, my wacky-ass, father-in-law. Any of you have any helpful tips on how to stop him from saying it? (Rally Rotary for your time)

Ok first let me say I’m not a terribly religious person, but I do my best to respect other people’s beliefs. I realize in the scheme of bad language habits, this is not that bad, but I still think it’s inappropriate for a toddler to say.

Now he does use it in the proper context. He will be playing with his truck or something and a wheel will come off - “Aw...Jesus Christ!”

The first time, it was funny. The fifth was too much. So now the wife and I are trying to replace it with something else. We tried ignoring it as to not draw attention to it thinking he would drop it...Nope

When he stayed overnight with my mother-in-law, who is long divorced from my FIL, she told him that was bad to say. So now he says “Jesus Christ is bad!” She had good intentions, but now it’s kind of worse.


We tried substitutions...we tell him, “Say, aw jeeze!” or “Aww man!”

That works for about an hour. I’m trying to nip this before he picks up something worse.