As my goal date is getting closer, I’m trying to decide what dealer to use. There are a few around me, but one has stuck out ahead of the others. When I went to the lot, the salesman met me at the door and greeted me. He wasn’t pushy in any way. I stated that I was there just to check out a car on their lot, just to see if I could fit in the seats comfortably(Recaros), but I wasn’t looking to buy. He didn’t guilt me, he didn’t push me, he didn’t try to offer me anything I didn’t want, but he let me walk around and sit in the GT350(advertised below MSRP, yep) they had, while he went to find the keys to the car I wasn’t even interested in buying. He did ask me when I was looking to buy, and after I told him, he handed me his card and told me I could call him if had questions or when I was ready. He also assured me, they could find me a car if possible, so I wouldn’t have to wait through ordering it. They seemed like a real honest place, and it was a good experience overall. Am I overlooking anything?