Design Details: Sedan Rear Proportions Edition

This week’s Design Detail is a bit different from what we normally do because it concerns a larger overall design element of a particular style of car, in this case, the sedan. The sedan has classically been represented as a three box design with a hood, cabin, and trunk. However, in recent years, automakers have toyed particularly with the rear haunches of sedans, tailoring them to fit both modern tastes as well as modern safety standards. To illustrate my point, here are two Mazdas from the ‘90s.

The 929 had a long rear overhang, a wide tail, and flat haunches
Whereas the Autozam Revue had a truncated tail, tiny lights, and a very stubby overhang

So what do you think Oppo?

What are the best/worst/most distinctive sedan rear proportions in the automotive world?

(Hint: Try things like the Fisker Karma, new S90, VW Ameo, etc. if you’re at a loss of ideas)

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