This has been something that has made me wonder for quite some time now. Why are we still using leather? It’s awful in the heat, it’s terrible in the cold, most can’t withstand jeans and the motion of getting in and out of the vehicle. Think about all the extra technology that has to go into a seat just to make it livable for consumers! I know that cloth and microfiber are awful when it comes to water resistance, but what about other synthetic materials? After going through motorcycle gear, I have to say that synthetics have taken the lead when it comes to every aspect of comfort, durability, look, performance, and sustainability.

Much like the trend of wood trim becoming less desirable compared to the use of high-end plastics, aluminum, and carbon fiber, I wonder if we are at a point where synthetic seats are worth the premium. I know that the Germans were pushing their leatherettes for about a year in the US before not caring, and Lexus has the Nuluxe material, but I don’t see any reason not to promote the use of synthetics. Just about anything that involves real vs synthesized the synthesized item is becoming preferred.

Do you prefer an analog or a digital clock? When it comes to watches, of course you want analog because it shows craftsmanship, but now that digital watches have high resolution screens and adjust ability, I don’t analog being the standard anymore. If fake is becoming the preference everywhere else, why are cars exempt?

I mostly ask because it just seems so odd to me that so many electric cars have leather upholstery. It seems like an oxymoron to me when your marketing a product with a focus on sustainability. Plus considering that you can get leather any even the cheapest cars, is it really a luxury item at that point?

*I also wanted to point out how well Mercedes has been doing lately on the move away from leather, considering they were THE consumer leather brand for a while. Porsche should have on top of this though, I expect more from them than any other automaker.*