What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I’m considering my options for a new set of wheels and tyres and I’m stuck between these two Michelins. Either option should provide an appreciable and well needed increase in grip over my current hockey pucks*. The question is just whether to go full retard and install PSSs on a Golf or not.

Relevant information:

- mostly highway driving so I don’t want to pointlessly waste grippy tires

- will do a handful of autocross events every summer so I do want/need some semblance of grip.


- I’ve seen both tyres perform well at autocross, with the A/S3 being surprisingly close to its well regarded sibling.

- I don’t expect the Golf to top the times sheet on either tyre, butI would like to be out of the doldrums of beating beginners and the odd Subieyota/Miata.


- I don’t want to swap tyres for every event (which is why I’m not considering something like a set of RE71s), but I will put the hockey pucks on for road trips (at least one planned this summer, so far) and possibly/probably early spring/late fall.

- ~$730 for a set of A/S3, ~$900 for PSSs

I’m leaning to the more conservative of the two but what do you think? Should I just say fuck it and pony up for the Super Sports?


*I do actually quite like the OE Continentals and the wheels they’re mounted on. They just lack grip.

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