For episode 40 of the TeamClearCoat podcast, we’re featuring the first interview of our book club series - Doug DeMuro.

We talk about his book Plays With Cars, along with such glamorous topics as avoiding your family members, craigslist encounters, and, of course, whatever it is that goes on in Florida. If you haven’t read Doug’s book, please check it out. Otherwise, you’ll never know just how unreliable a Range Rover classic can really be. Or why running a CarFax on your old car might be a really bad idea.

Talking with Doug was a blast, and I hope he finds his way back to the blanket fort again (read: we find some more embarrassing pictures thus forcing his hand).

The episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music Podcasts (inspired name, guys. Good job on that), and pretty much every other platform. You can also listen to episode 40 directly via this here link, or add the podcast to the player of your choice with this here RSS feed.


Photo credits Doug DeMuro and Jalopnik.