Before I went to college, I drove a tow truck in Birmingham (Michigan) for a while. We had the police contract so I got to see all kinds of stuff. Those tales are the subject of this week’s podcast.

We got calls during the day and anyone at the station would take those. But overnight, when the station was closed, I would get the calls. 3 AM and the phone rings? Sure, get dressed, go get the wrecker and see what the drunks have gotten themselves into this time.

Telephone poles, houses, buildings, ditches, you name it. No matter how large or out of the roadway, a drunk could hit it. And there were accidents too. The weirdest were one-car accidents. How does someone roll a car on flat ground and dry pavement in the summer?

I have written about this once, and even done a podcast a long time ago about it. But I realized that I had more stories, so here they are:

The audio:


And the video:

And the truck at the top is not a tow truck but it was the closest thing I could find in my personal archives of stuff I saw alongside the road as I rambled around the state.


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