So if you follow me, you know I typically only post pro (car) photography which I typically shoot for fun on my off-time. Today I’m giving you something a little different, because I spotted it while out for dinner with a friend (and fellow Oppo, Bengal55) before he departed on a road trip to Florida. iPhone shots - real cameras were at home ;-)

Illustration for article titled BMW 116i in the USA

Right in the middle of a freaking Texas Roadhouse parking lot, a BMW 116i, fitted with a 6 speed manual! As far as I know, they never sold these in the States. I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and photograph for the nearest international airport, so it’s not uncommon to see cars from overseas around here... however, they usually have Diplo plates. This one, does not. You can see the holes for a European license plate on the bumpers - they looked used.

Illustration for article titled BMW 116i in the USA

So, how can this car be here if not registered diplomatically? Or did I miss this model being briefly available for sale here?

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