Mod Announcement: Shit's gonna change, yo

Dear Oppolandians,

Your loving Mods have had it with a certain common community behavior and, after a few days of navel gazing, we’ve come to realize that this behavior is all our fault. Sorry. I’m talking, of course, about the always f’ed up comment shitstorms that seem to consistently center around just a handful of troublemakers (most of y’all are just fine, thank you). As such, we’ve come to the decision that some fine-tuning of our behavior will help alleviate the harassment. I’ll describe our new approach in a moment but first a reminder to you all:

1. DO NOT HARRASS USERS. This is pretty simple in theory but tricky in practice, so here are a few clear guidelines to get you thinking.


· Don’t go out of your way to pick a fight.

· If there is a fight brewing, stay out of it.

· If you see someone posting you don’t like, leave them be. In other words …


This goes for people on both sides of “right”. Look, we’ve got rules to make sure that people here can post without fear of being attacked, discriminated against or badgered; it goes without saying that in addition to being EXPLICITLY called out as unacceptable behavior that this also goes against rule #1.
For our part the moderators have agreed on a more consistent moderation policy that we hope will alleviate some of the inconsistency in dealing out moderation:

More specifically, we are going to be much more liberal in using the one tool we have: removing authorship/banning. Here how it’s going to work:
Breaking the rules? One week timeout. This is independent of who was “right” and who was “wrong” if you break the rules, you’re going to have to sit it out a little bit. “But so and so was also breaking the rules!” you might say. To which I will respond with a question: When was the last time “but other people were speeding!” got you out of a ticket? It doesn’t work with the police and it doesn’t work with us either, if you break a rule it’s not a defense to blame others.

Look we don’t mind debate, debate is good! However, we’ve been around as a group long enough to be able to spot the difference between healthy debate and a fight (kind of like porn, we know it when we see it) and if you can’t tell the difference than we are happy to provide you with some clarity on the matter.


2. THREE STRIKES. We get it, sometimes you have a bad day, you aren’t yourself or you learned your lesson and we aren’t going to hold that against you. We also aren’t going to let you keep breaking the rules either, so there will be a three strikes rule. If we catch you breaking the rules three times you’re out. Look we all love Oppo and we really don’t want to kick anyone out but not doing so would be more harmful to the community than not. Also, like your driving record your strikes go away after a period of time without repeat offense. Sorry, no defensive Oppo training course Is offered at this time.

3. BURNERS AND FALSE ACCOUNTS. If you’ve been here a while, your pretty familiar with fake accounts, fake personalities passing as new accounts and burner accounts created specifically for harassment. You’re also probably familiar with the fact that false accounts always come to light and when they do it’s an immediate Permaban. Please don’t do this, you’re wasting everybody’s time including yours; we expect you to act like an adult here its why we authored you.


“But OppoMods, I want to help keep this righteous community tight and harmonious,” you say “When I see shit going down, I want to help you tamp it out! How can I do that if I don’t chime in?” I get it, Batman, you’re a crusader for Internet Justice and you don’t want the trolls/basement dwellers/Prius-driving vegans to win. You should all know this by know but, in case you don’t, you have three options at your disposal:

· DISMISS! – This is a wonderfully gratifying option that I like to call “LOLdismiss!” If someone responds to you in an unacceptable manner, send that shit into oblivion.


· Flag it! – The best thing about freeing us up from cat-herding comment shitstorms is we will have more time to hit the flagged comments list and, best of all, WE GET TO BE THE BUZZKILLS and you won’t get any blowback.

· E-mail us! – We all regularly check the account – some of us even have a special chime on our mobile so we know when one comes in … This is a GREAT way to provide more color to what you’re reporting when the simple “flag” control doesn’t quite cut it.


The bottom here is, we are here to serve the community BUT this is a purely volunteer gig that comes with no glory and a shit ton of ingratitude. We do this because, like all of you, we really like our little clean, well-lighted place to talk cars and junk on this big bad Interwebtubecloud thingy. We do not have time nor do we have the inclination to be helicopter parents to this community; we expect everyone to be grownups and when folks demonstrate that they cannot Adult, they will now be excused from the community. Also, also, it may happen that we come into a comment shitstorm and just swing the timeout hammer for everyone involved and clip an innocent party accidentally. When that happens (and it probably will on rare occasion), we will reinstate the member and remove the “strike.”

And now, the call lines are open to take your questions.

ETA the OppoMod squad for future reference:

Porsche9146, Gamecat235, Pauljones, Snapundersteer Italianspiderman , For Sweden, Dusty Ventures, Party-VI, Crown Victor Victoria, Axel-ripper, Brian, the life of, Das Wauto, Hammerhead Fistpunch, Arch Duke Maxyenko and Yamahog

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