Life long goal.

At the ripe age of 30, well as of October 1st 2016, I am learning to drive stick. I have been looking everywhere, Craigslist, Facebook, local paper, and talking to friends. I had a strict budget of $1000, not a penny more. I wanted a pure beater to learn the third pedal. After months of searching, looking for something fun, entertaining, and cheap, I found the perfect learner.

A 1998 Plymonth Neon Highline, and I paid just $500 for the masterpeice. Now I have only driven it three times, but everytime she has showed me a new way to enjoy driving. I plan on doing a few mods to take it to local SCCA Solo events, and learn the art of cone killing. Rear sway bar, bigger front bar, springs, struts, and some sort of 16" wheel/tire combo.


You are probaly wonder what is wrong with this pile of shit for $500, well to be straight forward, nothing. Well sort of, exhaust is held on by hangers, and it sometimes stalls when you press in the clutch. You could be mid coner, and poof, she dies. Double clutch or turn the key, and she fires right up. The windows roll down great, air blows cold, has a full aftermarket radio, new tires, brakes, clutch, and is a 130hp of pure SOHC joy.

All in all, I am thrilled to join the club of people who can drive manual transmissions.

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