My last couple of pairs have been Doc Martens, but my latest have about had it. As an agricultural labor attorney, I spend a lot of time in fields, processing facilities, and various footwear unfriendly environments. I need something versatile, because sometimes I’m in 100 degree heat (sorry Europe), and sometimes I’m in near freezing when the sun comes up in Yuma in December. (Beautiful when the sun rises over ice on the lettuce). You don’t want to visit a dairy in dress shoes. I buy every associate a pair of boots when they start working for me. It’s not what law school told them to expect.

My practice is not exactly Brooks Brothers by nature. I wear jeans almost every day, and am only in a suit if I have to be in court. My clients don’t really want to talk to someone in a tie.


I had an associate get shit on by a cow while wearing a really expensive suit and it made me laugh my ass off. When a cow’s ass is pointing at you, you need to move out of the line of fire or face the consequences.

I really like these, but can’t seem to find them in my size in black. What do you think?


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