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I was starting to hit the limit of how far I can ride on my Singlespeed road bike (not fixie, tried it once, nearly died, never again) and then this saucy italian beast appeared on the bay of Es.

Good points:

Shimano 105 groupset (that all works)

Goes like stink - did 28km on it today to check it out and happily cruises at about 30kph.


Sexy Bianchi colour scheme (im a tart - sue me)

Arrived at 11am today, so got to ride it today, and was really well packaged so no damage.

Came with 105 pedals, which fit my cleats, and are like £100 new, so thats a win.

Bad Points:

Seller said seatpost was stuck in the frame. Seller was very honest. seatpost is VERY stuck in the frame. Tried WD40, and also a kettle to heat it up - no joy. Going to try a slide hammer tomorrow hopefully.


its a few years old, and it shows with a fair few chips, scratches etc, but again all described.

Seat is torn, and the bartape is knackered (both on order)

So all in all very happy, just time to put some miles under its wheels.

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