Today I was on the phone with Volvo corporate rep. Apparently, when you submit an inquiry to a dealer, sometimes someone from corporate will call you and relay the message to the dealer. Usually, this is back and forth is pretty routine...not today

Anyway, I told the dude that my client was either going to get a new Outback or spend a bit more and get an XC70 because there are some good discounts. I also told him that I understand these cars are different, but my customer has a flexible budget so he wants to explore both options.

So the rep says “Well, the Volvo is ten times safer than the Outback and will last much longer.” Normally I would just blow this off because I get it...the dude works for Volvo and wants to sell his brand. But he was pretty arrogant about it, so I pushed back.

I said, “ You don’t have any data to back that statement up do you. You do know Subaru is consistently ranked as one of the safest cars in the industry and in addition to having some of the lowest cost of ownership from a reliability perspective. I’ll give you that the Volvo is perhaps the nicer car, but my job is to get quotes for my client so he can decide if the Volvo is $10,000 nicer, and it probably wouldn’t be fair to compare the rate of depreciation between the XC70 and the Outback. And let’s not forget that the XC70 a car that has not been updated in some time”

Dude....was not prepared for that. He says... “Uh..well...ok, I’ll pass your info along to the dealer.” After I relay this conversation to my customer he decides to buy the Outback and take the 12k in savings to buy something fun on the weekends.