When GM Kills People - The 100th Episode Of Lehto's Law

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I’ve picked on Chrysler and Ford lately, so why not General Motors? They popped into the news a week or so ago when the New York Times showed GM knew about the problem with Takata airbags. And used them anyway.


Does that surprise anyone? This is the company with a history of putting deadly products in the stream of commerce and then shrugging when bad things happened.

I know this is true in much of corporate America but GM appears to have raised this to an art form. I guess the real question is: Was it “Old” GM that got away with killing people or is that “New” GM?


And I mention Jarts and the Corvair, just to round out the topic in what is the 100th episode of Lehto’s Law. Who’d have thought I’d stick with it this long?

Here is the audio:


And the video:

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