Corvette things

My dad is giving me his ‘69 vette but I haven’t had any time to go get it started and bring it to my house (mostly due to working on our new house and trying to meet my wife’s deadlines). This weekend I finally had some time to get it out and ready to go to my house, unfortunately the weather had other plans. It started raining before we could leave so I left it there for just a bit longer. I’ll be going to get it sometime this week. Finally, I’m super excited.

It’s driveable, but needs some work. The radiator has a tiny leak somewhere and needs to be recored. The button on the handbrake broke off. The radio doesn’t work. The gas cover doesn’t latch. The paint is at the 20 foot status (looks good from 20 feet away). It mostly needs a lot of TLC, it has sat in his shed for 20+ years, being driven only once or twice a year.


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