Yup, it’s happening! Registration link here, more information after the jump. Update: 19 reactions to the form already, keep ‘em coming!

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After positive feedback on the original post, it would be a shame if no Oppomeet were organised. BVdV offered to help, and this is our first step in setting up the meet. We’ve created a Google form where you can state your interest and leave some information for further communication. We aim to do most of the practical organisation via email, to prevent Oppo from being cluttered by a steady stream of Europpomeet posts.*


These are the current ideas, but a lot is still up for discussion, so leave a comment, either here or in the signup form.

  • When: A weekend in March, April or May 2017. No decision has been made on duration (one or two days), but that’ll depend on the activities and participants.
  • Where/what: In the original post, most people were pro Nürburgring, both for its heritage and its central location (Oppomap). Possible activities are driving the Ring and the surrounding Eifel region, visiting the museum, and/or lining it up with a race weekend. A combination with Spa is possible as well, especially if we spread it over two days.
  • Who: You! Friends and family are welcome as well I suppose, if they like hanging out with washing machine enthusiasts.

By the way, are there Photoshop geniuses (genii?) around who could create a banner/logo, for both the Europpomeet posts and possible stickers?

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