Plan my cross country drive!

Alright, fellow oppo’s I haven’t given this much thought until now but I have a big drive coming up. As most of you know, I’m headed across the Atlantic to take up residence in Italy. But before that trek, I need to make it from the sun-drenched paradise that is San Deigo, to the east coast (somewhere in BFE NC to be exact), and I want your help!

It’s clear that this community knows everything about everything (at least auto related) which is why I’m enlisting your help on the route to which I shall take. Here are the parameters

  1. I’m taking my environment killing, no fsck’s given 2015 Golf SportWagen TDI. As a sign of my effection, I intend to share my pollution with most of the southern US.
  2. I’ll be towing a 4x8 Harbor freight trailer. I’m sure I’ll have issue with this, but we’ll see what happens. I’ll have a large dog crate and some other things on it, but nothing overly large or heavy.
  3. My Dog, Mack.... yes like the truck. His sister Tonka (notice the theme here?) has her own transportation. He is a loving 85Lbs of lanky stupidity that loves to play fetch and swim.
  4. 2 Cats.... (yup, we have a small zoo... moving on). One of them is a long haul champ that will probably chill in the passenger’s seat asleep for the entirety of the ride. The other is a long haul virgin, and is still quite a kitten, so we’ll see how he does.
  5. I have 7ish days to do this, and assume I have a budget for cheap(ish) hotels. Sadly all my camping stuff will be shipped over to Italy so that is out.

Past that I’d love to actually see some cool stuff that this country has to offer. I’ve driven from the east coast to the west coast twice, and both have been DO IT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE OMG RIGHT NOW type runs where 10 hours a day behind the wheel was the minimum. But both of those cannonball runs also happened with a passenger, so the solo thing is new.


So what sights are worth seeing? what things are worth doing (assuming I can leave the pets at the hotel room for a little while)? I was thinking horseshoe bend, but I’m not 100% sure I could leave the pets in the car. Oh great Oppo, plan my journey!



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