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Political Rant

Some Nashes as a cover image, mega rant incoming.

EDIT: can anyone give me Cigar Lounge authorship?


I don’t know if anyone saw this, but Trump brought a bunch of women who accused Bill Clinton of rape just before the debate. Does this reek of a fucking scummy move to anyone else? Trump is trying to cover up the fact that he admitted ON TAPE that he sexually assaulted women by bringing out a bunch of unsubstantiated crackpots. Furthermore, Bill Clinton isn’t running for president, Hillary is. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary, but she’s not her husband; attacking her over her husband’s mistakes just adds to Trump’s misogyny. Hillary was able to hold her marriage together after her husband cheated on her, something Trump failed to do twice. Every fucking day, Donald Trump converts me from a reluctant Hillary supporter to a more invested one. May he drown in his own piss and cum. /rantover.

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