Is 2010s Hyundai the reincarnation of 1990's Honda?

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It is coming time to replace my girlfriends trusty 2001 Jetta Volkswagen. It has served well but it’s starting to get pretty tired. One of the options she is considering buying is a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. We stopped by the dealership yesterday and drove one. I was honestly very surprised at how nice it is. The engine was so smooth and quiet that she couldn’t even tell it was on at idle. It accelerated very smoothly with very smooth gear changes. Also, the interior looks and feels really nice. And on the test drive, which consisted of multiple mashings of the pedal and idling in traffic, we still got 28 mpg.


All that, and the dealership was offering one fully loaded for 17k. That get’s her heated seats, a moon roof, and apple car play. Keep in mind, she hates driving. So comfort and convenience are number 1.

What say you Oppo? Is Hyundai of the 2010's the new Honda of the 90s? Have they really turned a corner and are worth buying now? What else should we be looking at? We were looking at entry level used cars for 10k-15k before she drove this thing and fell in love with it.

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