So my 15-year-old kid is watching this 1978 FJ40 on ebay right now. Aside from the fact that he should be paying attention to his Grade 10 math class, I’m having a hard time telling him to stop and leave it alone.

The text conversation throughout the day has been entertaining.

  • Kaden: Check this out. It’s so cool. Bid is only $2701.
  • Me: No. Go to class.
  • Kaden: Please.
  • Me: No
  • Kaden: I’m not asking you to buy it for me. I’m asking for permission to bid. I’ll buy it.
  • Me: A. It’s in New York, B. The reserve isn’t met. He probably wants $15 grand for it, C. You’re going to Belgium in February.
  • Kaden: A. Shipping, duh.., B. The reserve is like $3600, C. I have a job, money saved, and already have Belgium paid for.
  • Me: (thinking) Dammit.
  • Kaden: Please
  • Me: Go to class. School is more important. There’s still 5 days left in the auction
  • Kaden: Math class is easy, I have 90%. What if I just email him and offer like $3Grand.
  • Me: Don’t do that.
  • Kaden: Didn’t you and your buddies co-own an FJ-40 when you were 17.
  • Me: I don’t see how that’s relevant.
  • Kaden: Really? Seems super relevant to me.
  • Me: (thinking) dammit
  • Me: It’s in the States. Exchange, duty, taxes and shipping will be as much as the vehicle.
  • Kaden: I’ll get back to you.
  • Me: Just go to class.

My poor wife is in for a loooong night of Kaden strategising how he can import a RHD FJ40, while I half-heartedly try to dissuade him.

Full disclosure: I kind of want it for myself