Hello All,

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I have recently acquired my first real American car: a Pontiac Lemans from 74 with a 390 V8.
As I live in Belgium, these are rather rare cars and I was wondering where to best get parts for a car like this.
The chassis is in pretty rough condition but I am in this project together with a professional car restorer (for citroen) and a mechanic.
As far as they are concerned, all we need to really do to get this thing on the road is weld a couple of spots, take the rust off of it and put some coating on it (apart from the usual restoration like changing fluids, checking brakes, ... for which I need parts).

Anyway, TL;DR: Looking for ways to get parts for a Pontiac Lemans from 74 in Belgium.

Some pics of my barnfind: