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%#%&$&"#%!!!!! [Update]

Hmmm, what’s that noise? Knockety, knock! Pistons calling!

[Update] We dropped it at the Subaru dealer. Unfortunately, the service department was closed I had a sales manager and a sales guy come out and look at the oil level. I believe the words the sales guy used were, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of oil!” They couldn’t understand why their own techs would put in so much oil.


The sales guy was particularly upset since it’s a hatch. He stayed outside talking to me until my ride arrived, all the time lamenting about how he should have bought a hatch while they were still being made.

I’ll update again tomorrow once I hear back from them.

[Update 2] Awaiting confirmation from the master tech, but the service advisor says it is a known problem which requires a replacement long block. They gave me a loaner to use until the repairs are complete.

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