The engine is built, the wiring harness is in, the mounts are ready. Everything is in place to get it put in the car.

Attached is the picture of the engine mid way through the rebuild. I put in a BTR stage 2 cam, new valve springs, new push rods, and new gaskets all around. I also replaced the stock 241 heads with some 243 heads. I’m flying by the seat of my pants with all this - I’ve never even worked on a v8 before, let alone torn an engine apart.


I’m off work this next week so the plan is to put in 8-12 hour days in and see where I can get with it. I have the fuel system ordered and a new throttle cable on the way. I have to sort out a radiator, figure out how the power steering will come together, all that stuff. There’s a lot of uncharted waters ahead, but I’m looking forward to it.