*Rant Below*

For those of you not on FB and tus not part of Oppositetalk

I just watched the latest episode of The Grand Tour and I am still not please with it. I mean I enjoyed Clarkson’s review of the Alfa, but that was the only automotive bit of the entire episode. The rest was them just fluttering about being stupid. That was neither car related or driving related. Even the one time they did a “grand tour” Hammond was being stupid with the Hellcat, May was being pedantic and annoying with his incessant bitching, and the only one who seemed interesting in just doing a nice drive in a nice car, surprisingly, was Clarkson. I’ll keep watching it, but I would really like some more car content, more long car trips, less stupid bs to fill time, and to drop the celebrity brain crash bit. It just isn’t funny anymore and to be honest the celebrity guest on Top Gear was the most boring segment anyways. I’d love to hear more automotive news in “Conversation Street”. While it is nice that they have an American driver doing the lap times, Mike Skinner isn’t funny. His degrading talk about every vehicle is just tacky and giving laughs to the lowest common denominator. If he isn’t going to be silent like the Stig, then he should give us actual feedback about the vehicle while essentially testing in at the edge. Yes he should be funny and make some jokes, but being opinionated and ignorant isn’t funny at all.

Is it really so much to have just expected good old driving and car news?