Now that the GLI is sitting low with the coils, I’ve realized it really needs a nice set of wheels to make it *pop!*

While the stocks are far from ugly ( I actually love how they look) they are very curb rashed from the previous owner’s inability to park the damn thing without hitting a curb. So, I come to you for opinions on the following wheels that I am considering:

1. VMR V701

affordable, good looking, and available in silver! retail for about $800 a set


2. Hartmann Euromesh IV

-local to me manufacturer, so I can pick up and avoid shipping, very high quality, affordable. also around $800 a set.

3. Rotiform RCE

-Sex in wheel form. literally. pricey tho.


4. Enkei RPF1

-Duh. Ultra light, ultra strong, ultra overplayed. These are on the list because of light weight more than anything. V. pricey tho.


-Also, I will be putting audi S-style brushed aluminum mirror caps on the car, and that’s why I want silver wheels, to match the future mirror caps