This is just appeared down the street from me. I went and looked.

590,000 is the total price for the car.

I know that is a lot of kilometers on the clock for Japan, but to my American eyes that is only 76,000 miles. I could see it going for at least that many more.

The timing belt was changed about 13,000km ago. (edit: I’m too busy attempting to guess-timate km to miles. That is about 18,000km ago.)


The only downside I can see is the leather seats (in the summer). But it looks like one of the guys on the lot is using it to run errands.

Now I just need the money, and figure out paperwork. Hopefully it stays around for a couple weeks so I can figure that out. (And convince my wife that this is the correct car for our family.)


Oh, and here’s a photo of the engine.

Edit: trying to find out more about these, and why a 4 cylinder would have dual exhaust. Answer: it’s a flat four (which I should have understood from ‘boxer’ but for some reason I was thinking ‘straight four’).


Also after searching some other images it seems these didn’t get sti designations until a couple years later (though I suppose being a domestic model it might be different than I have found online).