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Kinja's Eating My Posts [UPDATED]

I just had 3 replies fail to post. On both Jalopnik and Oppo. When I hit “publish”, I am given a “your comment published successfully” message, and the comment displays. But it’s not there when I refresh the page, and it’s not listed among my “discussions” from my profile page. It’s like it didn’t publish at all.

I tried typing up my comments again, and they seemed to publish just fine, but when I click the timestamp (which should refresh the page as a permalink), it takes me to a “404 / Post not found” page. So even the permalink is broken.


It doesn’t matter whether I’m responding to the original post or replying to another commenter.

I’m using Win10 and Chrome. Anybody else having this issue? (If you are, I guess I probably won’t hear from you. I just tried to star Flynorcal’s “Internal Server Error” post, and it’s not showing up among my recommendations.)


UPDATE 4:30pm EST: It seems to be fixed now. Posts, comments, and recommendations. (I was just about to try Firefox, too.) My invisible posts are displaying now, and some of them are double posts because I tried to submit them a second time. I have deleted another version of this post, but I can’t delete my doubled comments. Oh well.

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