So what’s in a name? Well, after not getting behind the wheel of a Skoda in quite some time we took the big daddy of the brand - the Superb - out for a spin.

Powered by a puny little 1.4 turbo petrol lump, we really weren’t expecting much. Pair it with a silky smooth DSG and you have yourself a dieselgate winner.


Over 300 miles there was still fuel in the tank, and at no point did the 1.4 making 148 BHP feel wanting.

With it’s almost limousine like qualities and a well specced interior, why would anyone opt for anything else? You can keep your Mercs and Beemers. Skoda has all you execs covered.


You can read the full Skoda Superb Hatchback Review over on Carwitter, it was just too much to repost on here.