The house I was going to buy fell through...

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HUD rejected the short sale.

The seller was 77 payments behind.

I’m sad.

Not so much for losing out on the house, but we signed contracts back in Ju-fucking-ly! The kicker is; during the elapse time 2 houses on the street above posted for sale, and then sold quickly after, and their prices weren’t far from what we were offering for the one (145k).


Background info: the way this town is laid out the street above was were all the very rich lived, so they are much larger, and sexier. All from the same era (late 1800s), so tall ceilings, exaggerated styling, queen ann/second empire stuff.

The house we were trying to buy(pictured) had much of the same interior charms, but none of the same exterior flare from the street above, also minus a few rooms; which is totally fine, the price was amazing, beyond affordable, mortgage(taxes and interest) was a cool 1750, at 1700sq/ft with a detached garage!


For perspective My grand mother owns an apartment building, one of the units is a 3 bedroom, tiny living room, tinier kitchen, and one bathroom. That unit rents for 1500, and only has one parking space.

So now its back to searching for something that tickles my/our fancy (my fiance is letting me call the shots on all this). The dilemma now is that anything else is going to cost us at least another 100k, and property taxes tend to vary quite a lot. Not to mention picking a place that doesn’t add too much to her commute.


I like my parents, maybe I’ll stay with them forever. JK LOL.

Oh best part is it’s on the same street as her parents house, so I’ll be seeing it quite often for the rest of our lives, or until they move, which I don’t see happening...


Life’s a bitch.