I don’t post on Oppo much, but I figured this would be a good place to share. Yesterday I put in my notice at work, and am planning on spending at least the next 3-4 months motorcycle camping throughout the US! I figured this is as good a time as any (24 and finished college last year), and if I don’t do it now I probably won’t get around to it before I settle down.

This is the bike I will be taking, a 2015 Yamaha FZ-09


I considered buying an adventure bike for the trip, but I enjoy the FZ a lot, and I want to ride it on all the mountain roads I will be encountering. Planning on picking up a taller windscreen, saddle bags, top case for the back, etc.

I will be selling my CBR’s and possibly my truck, depending how long I want to be gone for. I live in Michigan and am planning on heading south first, and then out west and possibly up to Alaska. It’s really amazing how many resources are out there for traveling, I am working on planning everything out now. I am going to be camping as much as I can and living on canned food :D

Anyways, if any of you have advice on sights to see, I am trying to make a list right now. Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but I am really looking forward to trying out the nomad life for a while. I am also planning on starting a blog, and I don’t really want to do it on Oppo, although I might share it here. Any suggestions on what blogs to use would be appreciated! Definitely going to be taking a lot of pictures and video, I want to make sure that I can look back and remember all the crazy stuff I will see along the way.

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